25 Sep 2021

Restaurants in Paris


Paris has an incredible number of restaurants as for one city. There’s food for every taste. I’d like to present a selection of my favorite restaurants in different categories, the top 5. Over time I will increase this list and create even more categories, but for now restaurants that are worth visiting. Especially now that haute couture week in Paris is upon us.

Traditional Bistro.

Chez Georges, le Jeu du Mail depuis 1964. The restaurant is timeless, fashionable, and seasonal. The cuisine of high quality and very good service.
La Fontaine de Mars. A 30s restaurant with an authentic atmosphere and very good food. Barack Obama chose it when he was in Paris to have dinner there.
Paul Bert
Cafe Constant
Chez Jannou

Trendy restaurants 

Le Kong. A restaurant on the top floor with a great view and a glass roof, designed by Philippe Starck. A fusion of Tokyo and Paris cuisine. An episode of Sex and the City was filmed here.
Loulou. A restaurant located in the building of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, right in the Tuileries Garden. Sophisticated, beautiful, and delicious.
Les Ombres. An amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and the food is very good for a restaurant with such a view. In summer the restaurants are on the terrace and when it gets colder it is under the roof which is completely transparent.
Yeels. Trendy, classy, and fun. The restaurant and the club are together.
Cafe de lhomme. The menu, which changes depending on the seasons, is right in front of the Eiffel Tower.
LAvenue. Old but still just as popular. Trendy and expensive.
Hotel Costes. Trendy, popular, and expensive for so many years, the place for movies and the stars and the fashion industry. For those who want to be seen and be seen. In addition, why not go to the place -recognized brand in the world of music. Already released more than 15 discs in the genre of lounge and downtempo by Stephane Pompuniac, since 1999.

Fish de la Boissonerie

Later I will tell even more.