25 Sep 2021

Journey to Salzburg or how to get into a fairy tale


I think this city has a special charm and authenticity – the streets, squares, cafes. In the warmer months, you can get a better look at the city, visit the world-famous Salzburg Summer Festival, and at Christmas and Easter, immerse yourself in the “Open Air Museum”. You can have a good time here just for the weekend and stay for a week or two.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historical part is a harmonious blend of styles from many eras – the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, and Romanticism.

The city of Salzburg got its name due to the fact that here at the end of VII century found a deposit of salt, in German Salz means salt.
Since the VIII century Salzburg is the seat of the archbishops, and in 1816 was finally secured by the Austrian Empire of the Habsburgs.
I recommend visiting Hohensalzburg Fortress with the panoramic view over the city, the unique Palace Helbrunn, the famous Mozart Museum, the snow-white Mirabel Palace, the heart of the Old City, Getreidegasse street existing since 1150, and the majestic Cathedral with the Cathedral quarter – the former center of princely and archbishop power in Salzburg, See the 17th-century horse bath, for the washing of the horses of the Archbishop of Salzburg and a 131-meter tunnel through the mountain connecting the two parts of the city, climb the Capuchin mountain and admire the views of the city, walk along the Salzach river and go hiking in the mountains, they are half an hour away.

Gastronomic things that will add to the pleasure and experience of the city. Buy candy in the famous confectionery of Paul Furst in 1890 – marzipan balls in chocolate, the very first candy wrapped in blue-silver foil (and not the usual candy “Mozart” in a golden-red wrapper), have dinner at the restaurant Stiftskeller St. Peter. – the oldest restaurant in Central Europe, try Nockerln – a light dessert made of eggs and sugar, similar to an airy soufflé, drink hot chocolate at Tomaselli café, visit the local market, buy a cake at Konditorei Ratzka, go to the bar on the roof of the trendy Stein hotel, have breakfast at the historic Café Bazar, once frequented by Marlene Dietrich and Stefan Zweig, dine at Bärenwirt, a traditional Salzburg restaurant, try the Aperol-and-Sekt syringe, taste Grosser Brauner – coffee with whipped cream at Hotel Sacher and COFFEE with ice cream in the Fenster Café waffle cone.